Wheel Alignment Vocabulary | Wheel Repair | Hampton Roads, VA

Craft Repair in Hampton Roads, VA has been your go-to for wheel repair for years. We know that there’s a lot about wheel repair that is confusing for a lot of our customers. Because of this, we’ve asked our experts to make a wheel alignment vocabulary blog. Here is some vocabulary you should know when you talk about your car’s alignment.

1. Camber

Camber refers to how your tires are tilted when you look at your car from the front. There are three types of camber. Negative, Positive, and Cross. Negative means that the bottom of the tires are the most outward. Positive means that the bottom of the tires are facing inwards. Cross-Camber means that it’s a combination of negative and positive.

2. Toe

Toe refers to the angle of your car’s tires if you were looking at it from above. There are two types. Toe In and Toe Out. Toe in means that your tires have an inward angle and Toe Out means that your tires have an outward angle.

3. Caster

Caster is referring to the angle that your steering wheel and wheels have when looking at your car from the side or its profile. There are two types: positive caster and negative caster. Positive means that it all tilts towards your car’s back and negative means that the steering wheel tilts towards the front of your car.

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