Quick Guide: Wheel Alignment 101 | Wheel Repair | Hampton Roads, VA

Craft Repair Inc in Hampton Roads, VA cares about giving you the best wheel repair service you could ask for. Wheel Alignment is something that people often shirk off, but we want to stress its importance. Proper wheel alignment is essential to maintaining the life of your car’s tires. Here are some signs that you need to check your car’s wheel alignment.

1. Irregular Wear and Tear

Irregular wear and tear happen on the tread of your tire. If you’re noticing that uneven or very particular spots with tread, then it’s likely to do with your alignment. Make sure that you take it into your wheel repair specialist immediately.

2. Your Steering Wheel Acts Weird

If your steering wheel turns naturally to one side or another over dead center, then something is wrong. Your steering wheel should always favor the center. Make sure you get it checked out by your wheel repair specialist immediately so that they can correct this.

3. Vibrating Steering Wheel

If your steering wheel is vibrating as you drive and make turns, then yo9ur wheel alignment is definitely messed up. Make sure you take it into your wheel repair specialist ASAP so that they can correct your car’s alignment.

Need More Help?

Here at Craft Repair Inc in Hampton Roads, VA, we want to provide the best wheel repair service for you. From wheel refinishing to wheel straightening, wheel personalization to wheel re-manufacturing, to replacement— we’re a one-stop-shop that can make your vision a reality. Whatever the structural damage, whether it’s cracked or fading, if there’s missing metal, or even if it’s severely bent, we’re ready to find a solution for you. With our decades of experience, we can make sure you have the wheels your car deserves. No matter how small or large the problem, we want to get you rolling again. Contact us today!