Quick Guide: How to Check Tire Pressure | Wheel Repair | Hampton Roads, VA

Craft Repair in Hampton Roads, VA has been your go-to for wheel repair for years. We want our customers to know all the facts when it comes to their car’s wheels. Having inflated tires is essential for your safety on the road. Check out our quick guide on how you can check your tire pressure.

1. Unscrew the Cap

Bend down to your wheel and find the small black cap on each of your wheels. Unscrew your caps and make sure you put them somewhere safe. You can palm them, put them in your pocket, etc. Just make sure you keep track of them. The caps are very important for keeping your wheels inflated longer.

2. Use Your Tire Pressure Gage

Get out your tire pressure gage and attach it to your air stem. Wait a couple of seconds, and be sure to make sure no air escapes. It should give you your psi almost instantly. Make sure you write it down.

3. Refill As Necessary

If you have noticed that your tire is below the recommended psi, make sure you use an air compressor to fill it back to level. You can use your own air compressor or go to your local gas station. All gas stations have both a tire pressure gage and air compressor combined into one, so you can check it as you go.

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