Getting You Back on the Road ǀ Wheel Repair Hampton Roads, VA

Craft Repair, where no job is too little or too big, specializes in wheel repair in Hampton Roads, VA. We are your one stop shop for complete machining, welding, fabricating, wheel & rim repairs, driveline service, hydraulic cylinder repair, and custom work in Hampton Roads, VA. We are a family-owned business with over 70 years of experience.

Up and down the East Coast, this winter has been an especially wet one with higher amounts of rain than usual. Rain can pose multiple issues for your car and your wheels. Inclement weather is the leading cause of driving accidents, leading to automobile damage and personal injury. To prevent these accidents, it’s not only important to follow safe driving tips, but it’s also key to make sure that your wheels are in working order.

If your tire warning light comes on or if you notice any other signs of tire or wheel damage, such as vibration when you drive, be sure to take your car to a wheel repair specialist to have these issues checked out. Even if you don’t notice any warning signs, it’s important to have your car inspected regularly and to rotate your tires as well. Furthermore, if you are in an automobile accident, no matter how small, you should bring your car in to have it checked out.

At Craft Repair, we are ready to get you back on the road in too time. Whether you need major work done on your car, or just a few minor tweaks to get it running smoothly again, we are equipped and prepared to fix anything that needs fixing. From your rims to your drive shaft, we can offer custom solutions to give you just what you need.

For all of your wheel repair needs in Hampton Roads, VA, give us a call at Craft Repair, where we have over 70 years of experience getting our customers back on the road in no time.