Drive Shaft Repairs ǀ Wheel Repair Hampton Roads, VA

Craft Repair, where no job is too little or too big, specializes in wheel repair in Hampton Roads, VA. We are your one stop shop for complete machining, welding, fabricating, wheel & rim repairs, driveline service, hydraulic cylinder repair, and custom work in Hampton Roads, VA. We are a family-owned business with over 70 years of experience.

Beyond wheel repair and fabrication in Hampton Roads, VA, we also perform drive shaft service to help your vehicle work again. Our dedicated technicians can make sure you can get the proper torque and rotation you so desperately need.

Drive shafts are crucial to your car’s movement as they help to turn your wheels. According to, this is the purpose of a driveshaft: “The power the engine creates is called torque. The job of the drive shaft is to transmit that torque power to the wheels of the vehicle.”

If you suspect that you have a damaged or broken drive shaft, you should have it checked out immediately. Failure to do so could lead to further and more extensive damage to your car.

Some signs that your drive shaft may be damaged or broken are: a vibrating sensation coming from under your car, unusual rattling or clunking sounds, and difficulty turning.

If you suspect that you have a broken or damaged driveshaft, contact us at Craft Repair in Hampton Roads, VA. For more information on bad drive shafts, visit and