Cold Weather and Tires ǀ Wheel Repair Hampton Roads, VA

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If you’ve stepped outside recently, you know that there is a chill in the air. What many people don’t know, however, is that cold wire can affect your tires, especially your tire pressure.

If you notice your tire pressure signal lighting up your dashboard this winter, chances are that it’s the cold weather and not an actual leak in your tire. However, you want to check to make sure.

If you’d like to check your tire pressure, let your car sit for several hours after driving. Also, make sure that your tires aren’t cold. So, store your car in a garage if you can. Heat and cold can change the pressure of your tires. So, it’s important that you follow these guidelines before you check the pressure.

Once all of this is done, you can check your tire pressure with a gauge and then compare it to the recommended pressure for your car. If needed, fill with enough air to get to the recommended PSI. If your car repeatedly loses tire pressure, have your tires checked for leaks or holes.

Goodyear advises that for every ten degrees the temperature drops, your tires will drop 1-2 pounds of pressure. So, check frequently to make sure that your tires are the right pressure during those cold months.

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