3 Reasons to Get Rim Repair|Wheel Repair Hampton Roads VA

Starting out in a garage thirty-two years ago with two customers, we founded our wheel repair and fabrication business in Hampton Roads, VA. Decades later, customers still come to us for necessary rim repair and wheel replacement services. Because of that experience, we’re passionate about repairing rims and getting the maintenance you need all year long. We know though, that not everyone knows as much about rims as we do. With that in mind, here are 3 reasons you may want to consider getting your rims repaired.

1. Improve Gas Mileage

Damaged rims don’t only cause uneven wear on your tires, but they can make your car harder to handle and may reduce your gas mileage. How do you know if you need repair? You may hear a thumping sound when you drive or feel a constant vibration through your steering wheel. If you haven’t experienced this but notice problems with your car’s handling or changes in your gas mileage, get your wheels checked.

2. Prevent Disaster

When it comes to rims and wheel repair in Hampton Roads, VA, in a best-case scenario, this means that you will need to replace your tires sooner; in a worst-case scenario, you could be risking a possibly deadly tire blowout.  You can avoid these risks by being proactive about rim maintenance.

3. Save Money

In general, if it costs more to repair a wheel than to replace it, go ahead and buy a new one. If the cost of repair is less than the cost of a new wheel, have it fixed. Repaired rims are generally just as strong and reliable as new ones.

Ready to Get Repairs?

When it comes to Wheel Repair or other types of maintenance in Hampton Roads, VA, don’t hesitate to seek the help of Craft Repair Services.

From wheel refinishing to wheel straightening, wheel personalization to wheel re-manufacturing, to replacement— we’re a one-stop-shop that can make your vision a reality. Whatever the structural damage, whether it’s cracked or fading, if there’s missing metal, or even if it’s severely bent, we’re ready to find a solution for you.

We are proud to offer the following services:

  • Complete Machining
  • Welding
  • Fabricating,
  • Wheel & rim repairs
  • Drive line service
  • Hydraulic cylinder repair
  • Custom work

No matter what you need, don’t hesitate to seek our help. We’ll see what we can do to get you on the road again. Contact us today to get started.