Craft Repair: No job is too little or too big.

Your One Stop shop for complete machining, welding, fabricating, ​wheel & rim repairs, driveline service, hydraulic cylinder repair, and custom work in Hampton Roads, VA.

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Here at Craft Repair, we’re ready to take care of your car from the rims to the drive shaft. No matter the size of the job— our technicians are ready to fabricate, repair, and weld you a solution. If you know what you want, then we can make it and if you don’t, with our decades of experience, we can get you the repairs you need in Hampton Roads, VA.

Your One-Stop Repair Shop|Wheel Repair Hampton Roads, VA

With over 70 years of experience, Craft is a name you can trust with all of your needs, and we guarantee our work. We are proud to offer the following services:

  • Complete Machining
  • Welding
  • Fabricating,
  • Wheel & rim repairs
  • Drive line service
  • Hydraulic cylinder repair
  • Custom work

No matter what you need, don’t hesitate to seek our help. We’ll see what we can do to get you on the road again.


Get Back on the Road|Wheel Repair Hampton Roads, VA

From wheel refinishing to wheel straightening, wheel personalization to wheel re-manufacturing, to replacement— we’re a one-stop-shop that can make your vision a reality. Whatever the structural damage, whether it’s cracked or fading, if there’s missing metal, or even if it’s severely bent, we’re ready to find a solution for you. With our decades of experience, we can make sure you have the wheels your car deserves. No matter how small or large the problem, we want to get you rolling again.

Same Day Rim Repair|Wheel Repair Hampton Roads, VA

At Craft Repair Services, we’re happy to repair and refinish curb damaged, bent rims, cracked rims, and polished rims same day and at a fraction of the price of a new rim. Never worry about driving around with cracked rims again. With our team on your side, you’re sure to be driving again in no time. Your rims will be good as new in Hampton Roads, VA.


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